Mould Inspections Perth

Using state of the art equipment to treat all types of mould


Looking Beyond the Surface provides mould inspections in Perth that will assist in determining the root cause of it on your property. For your own health and safety, it is vital to investigate and identify suspected mould in your indoor environment. Exposure to fungi (mycotoxins, spores) can result in symptoms and ill health effects such as, headaches, respiratory infections, skin irritations, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, aggravated asthma, behavioural changes and depression. This can all have an adverse effect on your productivity if not treated properly.


At Looking Beyond the Surface, our detailed inspection process includes a thorough visual inspection, moisture testing, and thermal imaging inspections to air and surface testing. We also consider contributing air quality factors including condensation and humidity and any underlying issues such as water leaks, stormwater damage and drainage problems that may be adding to the problem. We use state of the art equipment such as FLIR Thermal Infrared Cameras and digital moisture metres in order to view behind walls and in between cavities.  Our works range from small bathrooms to large buildings such as theatres, administration areas, office blocks and libraries. We can also treat books, documents, paintings and historical items. We will always aim to achieve the desired outcome for our clients whilst working to strict guidelines put in place to prevent the return of the mould contamination.


For more information on mould inspections in Perth, contact Looking Beyond the Surface today on 0423-710-567 or alternatively send an online enquiry here and we’ll get back to you shortly.