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Maintenance Programmes

Looking Beyond the Surface is able to develop specific maintenance programmes for mining camps/accommodation, commercial buildings/offices, rental properties, aged care facilities, medical centres, hospitals, schools, etc… in order to ensure healthy indoor environments.


In indoor environments, microbes are found on all types of surfaces. Legionnaires’ disease, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Related Illness (BRI) are some of the more widely publicized indoor health issues of today. These health concerns have highlighted the importance of infection control in complying with health and safety.

Germs in indoor environments can cause or contribute to the following problems:

  • Allergic reactions, irritation, toxic responses and fatigue
  • Odours caused by bacteria or fungi
  • Mould growth
  • Spread of infectious diseases

There are many contributing factors to poor indoor air quality and, as a Building / Facility Manager it is your responsibility to identify any hazard that may be present so it can be managed appropriately.


Air Quality Testing can help to help understand the extent of health hazards within a building. It can be used as a part of the investigation process to identify contaminants which will determine the scope of works recommended to the client, and it should always be used after specialist cleaning activities to confirm the work place has been remediated successfully and returned to normal working conditions, without cross contamination to other areas.


Each building is different and the information we collect as part of an initial investigation is integral in the preparation of a proposed maintenance program.


We specialise in getting to the root causes of any indoor air quality issue and have the experience to prepare a detailed Scope of Work to mitigate any identified problems.

You should consider an indoor air quality investigation:

  • If you receive health-related complaints from building occupants
  • If you are changing, renovating, remodelling or expanding a building or HVAC system
  • If you’ve had any fires, floods or other disaster within the property
  • If you’re buying a commercial building
  • If you have significantly increased the number of occupants
  • If there has been an infestation of insects, rodents, birds or animals
  • If the building feels uncomfortable or unpleasant without obvious reason

Looking Beyond the Surface can test for a wide range of indoor pollutants including but not limited to Mould, Bacteria, VOC’s and dust.


Our services are available to Small to Large Businesses, Corporate Offices, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Mining Camps, Child Care Centres, Schools, Fitness Centres, Hotels, Restaurants and Homes.