Mining Mould Removal Perth

Mould remediation techniques specifically for mining environments


For expert mining mould removal in Perth, look no further than Looking Beyond the Surface. Mould in mining regions is a common problem and is on the increase due to high temperature and humidity conditions. There are many simple measures to consider that will help prevent this issue from getting worse. Mould spores are part of our natural environment. They’re in the air we breathe and on surfaces around us. We need them as part of the natural ecology. However when mould is able to create an ideal environment, which usually results from the introduction of moisture such as condensation, humidity, water leaks, flooded floors, poor drainage, and storm events then treating the visible mould on the surface is pointless unless the underlying problem is also resolved.


Correct mould remediation often involves removing affected building materials and fixing the water issue at the source. We find that controlling the humidity levels in mining environments is the key to mould prevention. Our trained technicians will provide you with a detailed remediation plan and discuss the best way to proceed with our mould removal techniques. Our goal is that you fully understand the underlying causes so you can avoid this problem later down the track. Looking Beyond the Surface endeavours to use local labour from the region where the current works are being carried out to support the local community where possible.


For more information on mining mould removal in Perth, contact Looking Beyond the Surface today on 0423-710-567 or alternatively send an online enquiry here and we’ll get back to you shortly.